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Pickup location for online orders is at:

1704 E 29 St.

Vancouver, WA 98663

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Blind or Shade repair
Restringing Service for your
Blinds or Shades

If you aren’t very patient and don’t have the time to fix it yourself. The price for restringing a pleated shade is $36.90for the first three cords and an additional five dollars for each additional cord after three. For More Information:



Blind Repair Parts - Mini Blinds Parts

 Window Covering Parts, Blind Parts & Blind Components in small or large quantities.

Now you can do your own blind repair.  Repair your blinds or shades for a fraction of the cost of new ones.  We can help you determine how much string that you need to restring your mini blinds, wood blinds, cellular shades, and pleated shades.

Replacement Parts for Mini Blinds

The above pictures are example of Mini Blind.

1. Slat
2. Headrail
3. Headrail End Cap
4. Universal Gripper Bracket
5. Wand Tilter
6. Wand
7a. Tape Roll/Slot Type
7b. Tape Roll/Bead Type
7c. X-Tape Locator Grommet
8. Tape Roll Support
9a. Cordlock
9b. Cordlock Adaptor w/ Separator
10. Tiltrod
11a. Cable Tape Ladder
11b. Cable Tape Grommet
12a. Lift Cord
12b. Lift Cord Grommet
13a Tassel
13b Tassel Washer
13c Cord Stop Washer
14. Tape Spacer
15. Bottom Rail
16. Bottom Rail End Cap
17. Tape Button
18. Tilter Lock
21a. Metal Hold-Down Bracket (Jamb)
21b. Metal Hold-Down Bracket (Sill)
21c. Hold-Down Pin

1" Mini Blind Parts

Restringing Cord Parts

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